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21 - 26 July 2019

The days of Lucanian Cinema – Basilicata International Award

Among the guests who attended the most anticipated, the top guest, the American actor Richard Gere, who was honored with a career award, the same evening the Italian actress Elena Sofia Ricci was awarded among the best Italian actress, followed by Milly Carlucci, the TV presenter. Also space for the great Indian actor that we all remember in the legendary Sandokan, Kabir Badi.


Masters of national and international cinema in comparison with young creative Lucanians for hours in front of a fantastic panorama, the sea of Maratea, to discuss the ways of film production, acting, experiences, stealing advice on how to learn one of the most fascinating jobs world.

During the days of Cinema Lucano 2019 Masterclasses were held with world-renowned actors and directors. Richard Gere and Kabir Bedi’s masterclasses have had great success.