23 - 27 luglio 2024

23 - 27 luglio 2024 - Maratea

Edition 2023

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Marateale 2023

Nello splendido scenario dell’anfiteatro del mare dell’Hotel Santavenere la XIV edizione del MARATEALE è stata ricca di ospiti. Hanno calcato il GREEN CARPET: Lino Banfi, Lorella Cuccarini, Toni Servillo, Luca Guadagnino, Luisa Ranieri, Giuseppe Zeno, Claudio Amendola, Claudia Gerini, Darko Peric, Cesare Cremonini, Elodie, Rocco Papaleo, Lodo Guenzi, Sveva Alviti, Greta Ferro, Luca Martella, Andrea Arru, Niccolò Gentili, le due star di Bollywood Chadda Richa e Fazal Ali. Madrina dell’edizione la splendida attrice Catrinel Marlon. Nell’ambito delle serate è stato conferito un premio speciale all’attrice e presentatrice di NBC Emirati Arabi Sofia Saidi, all’imprenditore Danilo Iervolino ed a Mauro Crippa, Direttore Generali Informazione Mediaset.

Inoltre un importante riconoscimento è stato assegnato alla IIF LUCISANO MEDIA GROUP  e ritirato da Fulvio Lucisano con le figlie Federica e Paola. 


Unforgettable start of the Marateale Basilicata International Award! The day kicked off with an engaging Masterclass held by Giancarlo Giannini, where the famous actor shared valuable advice with young aspirants from the world of entertainment and beyond. The event was followed by the first historic fingerprint collection ceremony “The Way of Glory”, entrusted to Maestro Giannini, leaving a tangible sign of inspiration.

The atmosphere heated up with the majestic opening concert of the Bulgaria Classik Symphony Orchestra, which transported the audience through exciting soundtracks. Moments of magic continued with the awards to Ermal Meta, Madalina Ghenea and our dear Giancarlo Giannini followed by the director and the cast of the film “I’m not afraid”.

After the festival, the night came alive under the stars to the engaging rhythm of Tricarico’s Tarantolati, the enveloping notes of Silvia Mezzanotte and Ermal Meta.


The magic of Marateale continues on its second day, which opened with the iconic Rocco Papaleo, leaving the imprint of his hand on the Way Of Glory. The “Maratea2026 – culture at the centre” meeting took place in the enchanting location of the Hotel Santavenere, a crucial debate on Maratea’s candidacy as Italian Capital of Culture 2026.

Echoes of talent resonated with the award ceremony of the Young Blood project, demonstrating the bright future of actors. On the Marateale stage, moments of glory embraced prominent personalities such as Barbara d’Urso and the renowned film producer Tarak Ben Ammar. An artistic triumph was also paid to the director and cast of “A Prayer for Judas”.

The evening reached its climax in Piazza del Gesù, with the engaging Marateale After. The emotions merged with the extraordinary performances of Silvia Salemi and SMANIA UAGLIUNS, and then ended in style with an engaging DJ set curated by Rai Radio2.


The magic of Marateale continues on the third day, enriched by an engaging show of emotions. Edoardo Leo left an indelible mark on the Way of Glory, while Roberto Ciufoli and Rocco Papaleo added their touch of genius and joy to the Festival. On this special day, the extraordinary talent of Lorenzo Richelmy was also rewarded.

The enveloping notes of the Neapolitan Popular Orchestra filled the air, bringing a charge of energy to the Marateale After. Piazza del Gesù was transformed into a dance arena, unleashing the audience thanks to Radio2’s engaging DjSet.


The fourth stage of the 2023 edition of the Marateale offered an explosive fusion of culture and entertainment. Carlo Verdone has left his indelible signature on the new Way of Glory initiative. The day was further enriched by the presence of Ronn Moss, Francesca Fagnani and the close-knit couple formed by Richard Roxburgh and Silvia Colloca.

The lights of Marateale After lit up the night with the energizing DJ set by Ema Stokholma and Marco Folli, creating a vortex of emotions and rhythm that involved all of Maratea.

The fourth day of the Marateale proved once again to be a perfect combination of culture and entertainment.


The last and exciting stage of the Festival – Basilicata International Award celebrated unforgettable moments. The overwhelming success of the TV series “Mare Fuori” was rewarded, while Marco Bocci enchanted with his unique charisma. The irreverence and friendliness of Pio and Amedeo were recognized by none other than the icon Lino Banfi, who leaves his mark on the Way of Glory in the afternoon. The closing host, Stephanie Bellarte, added charm to the atmosphere.

During the evening, the STARDUST LAB project was presented and the award ceremony was given to Gianluca Curti, who underlined the importance of emerging talents. The interview with the cast of “And yet we fall happy”, with Matteo Branciamore, Gaia Masciale and producer Verdiana Bixio, offered an in-depth vision of behind the scenes.

With this exciting conclusion, a chapter of 5 days of pure enchantment closed, where music, culture, entertainment and the magic of cinema merged into a single extraordinary experience. We look forward to seeing you next year!