2021 Edition

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Marateale 2021

Five days that saw exceptional conductors alternate, starting with Janet De Nardis, to continue with Carolina Rey, Monica Marangoni, Veronica Maya and Beppe Convertini.

Among the numerous guests and winners of the 13th edition of Marateale: Carlo Verdone, Hollywood star Matt Dillon, Luca Ward, Nancy Brilli, Andrea Roncato, Giovanni Allevi, Lillo, Arianna Bergamaschi.

The directors Paolo Genovese and Giovanni Veronesi were also awarded; among others Ludovica Lirosi, Mirko Gisonte, Federico Zampaglione, Teresa Razzauti, Giglia Marra, Giulia Ragazzini and Gianluca Mech and the very young Alice Maselli were guests of this edition.

One of the most beloved artists of the Eighties, Matt Dillon over the years has proven to be a very versatile actor, always choosing quality roles and different film genres: from Francis Ford Coppola’s’ Rusty the Wild ‘to’ Mister Wonderful ‘by Anthony Minghella, passing through’ All crazy for Mary ‘by brothers Peter and Bobby Farrelly and’ Crash – Physical Contact ‘directed by Paul Haggis which earned him an Oscar nomination for’ Best Supporting Actor ‘. Dillon also tested himself as a screenwriter for the 2002 film ‘City of Ghosts’ which he also directed as well as an episode of the ‘Oz’ series and the documentary ‘El Gran Fellove’.