27 - 31 luglio 2022

27 - 31 luglio 2022 - maratea


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Green Award

10 international movies of fiction, documentaries and animation, linked to environmental and sustainability issues, will be selected to participate in a competition with numerous prizes.

The movies that we will show will offer viable and concrete visions or examples of successful initiatives, always with the aim of instilling hope and promoting innovative initiatives that can help improve the world.

Marateale in short

The intent is to pay particular attention to young people with a wide range of initiatives aimed at meeting the world of cinema, to encourage the professionalization of the sector in Basilicata.

In order to offer young people who participate in it greater visibility, the “MARATEALE IN SHORTS” competition was born, which involves the selection of ten Lucanian short movies.

Marateale in school

Brand new section that involves the creation of commercials by young students who focus on the importance of the historical, human, environmental and social resources of their territory and their problems in this period of global pandemic and their future expectations.

The intent is to stimulate young people to reflect through the art of cinema by highlighting their creative resources.